Meet Our Board

Deacon Scott Conway, Superintendent of Catholic Schools 

Elaine Shott, Principal 

Mari Dowdakin, Office Manager 

Maria Johnson, Director of Development 

Bill Beck, Financial Adviser, Total Business Planning 

Sondra Tucker, Corporate Development & Strategic Investments, Florida Blue 

Kim Maynor, Maynor & Maynor, CPAs 

Marco Renhack, Payspan, Director of Technical Operations 

Brian Donovan, President, Donovan & Abercrombie Insurance 

Jean Barnes, Former Morning Star School Principal Retired


Louis V. Walsh IV,  Wells Fargo Advisor  

After our son Josh spent two years in public school (kindergarten), we realized that their objective of “no child left behind” inherently failed to apply to most if not all students with learning differences. We thank God for guiding us to Morning Star School. At Morning Star, Josh was able to advance through his individualized instruction and was always treated with the utmost respect. We are forever grateful for the nine years Josh was enrolled at Morning Star School.

Kim Maynor, former student’s parent

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