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Rooted in faith and driven by our Mission Morning Star is unique, inspirational, and impassioned in the pursuit of your child’s full potential.  A school community since 1956 where learning is loved, shared, and celebrated.  Students engage in doing, creating, discovering, and belonging.

Students at our school are worked with individually and in small groups all while we partner with parents and families, therapists, and medical providers.  Our students come to us from all over Northeast Florida and are welcomed regardless of their religious affiliation.

We completely understand selecting an appropriate school environment for a child with learning differences is difficult and one of the most important decisions you make as a parent.  We are here to guide you and assist in all aspects of this process.


Admission Policies

We accept students, ages 5 up to 21 in high school, diagnosed with learning differences which include: Specific Learning Disabilities, ADD, Mild Intellectual Disabilities, Processing Deficits, and High Functioning Autism.  All prospective students are required to participate in an intake interview with the principal or assistant principal to determine appropriateness of placement.  Our goal is to ensure an accurate assessment of individual strengths and challenges, providing proper placement within our school community.  Assignment will be by age and ability level to one area of the school: Primary, Intermediate, Junior High, or High School.

  • Students must be able to function adequately in habits of self-hygiene
  • A physical examination is required, which must be maintained annually
  • A current psychological evaluation is required and must be updated every three years
  • Registration is on a first come, first served basis; students are accepted on a trial basis that lasts at least nine weeks, but may extend over an entire year
  • Students with severe behavior disorders or moderate to severe intellectual disabilities are outside the scope of the services we can provide

Open Door Policy

Our open admission policy states that no person, on the grounds of race, color, gender differences, or national origin is excluded or otherwise subjected to discrimination in the receiving of services.


Harassment & Discrimination Policy

Morning Star School is committed to providing an environment that is free of discrimination and harassment. In keeping with this commitment, the school does not tolerate harassment or discrimination on the basis of a person’s protected status, such as gender, color, race, ancestry, national origin, age, physical differences, mental condition, marital status, veteran status, citizenship status. All employees, faculty members and stude

nts are protected under this policy. In addition, this policy applies to all conduct occurring on school grounds, at assignments outside the school, or at school-sponsored events. All students are responsible for helping to assure that any harassment or discrimination is reported. If a student witnesses or learns of any conduct that violates this policy, the student must immediately report the incident to his/her principal.




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“Somebody asked me, if I could go back and start again with a different brain, would I?  Years ago I thought yes, I would. But now I know I wouldn’t. Because whatever challenges I had in school, I guess they forced me to where I am today. So I now see them as an asset.”


Henry Winkler, Dyslexia

Actor, Director and Author —USA Today, Provided by Understood.org

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