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An additional donation allowed us to build the St. Anne’s Playground. This new playground replaced an older one that fell apart during relocation. Thank you to Warren and Nancy Powers for their generosity. Our younger children may now enjoy a bright, happy and cheerful area for outdoor playtime. Future projects include a large outdoor fitness area and a life skills center. See project details below.

View a complete list of naming opportunities HERE.

“On the first day of school I was reminded yet again what a blessing Morning Star and all the staff has been to our family. As I walked over to help drop off school supplies, one of the students was having a tough time about something. He wasn’t having a meltdown or anything but one of the teachers was in tune enough, as she led her students towards their classroom, to notice and immediately alert someone in his grade, so that it could be brought to his teachers attention. It was quickly, very discreetly and very kindly handled away from the other students. As a mom it made me feel proud of all involved. Thank you for your school. I love you all”. 

Proud Parent

“All the amazing teachers and support staff. Their hearts are so full of love and understanding. We are grateful every day for this beautiful school!”

Grateful Parent

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