Our school is in need of many items we cannot afford. And in a pandemic economy, with many unexpected expenses, the need is even greater. Please consider making a monetary donation, or purchase a ‘Wish List” item for the school. Make a donation online or mail/bring in your check or item to the school at 725 Mickler Road, Jacksonville, FL 32211. For more information on the items listed below, please contact Maria Johnson at (904) 962-5080 or email development@morningstar-jax.org

RELIGION, Ms. Kennedy

  • Catechism of the Seven Sacraments Book (hardcover) $35 Click HERE to purchase online.
  • Computer speaker “I would like a small speaker to amplify my laptop sound when visiting my classes”. $17 Click HERE to purchase online.


The MotivAide
A simple electronic device that enables students to quickly, easily and privately reinforce desired behavior such as students staying on task, following directions, and participating in class lessons by quietly and continuously signaling the teacher to provide positive feedback.  $64.50 Click HERE to purchase


COVID related cleaning supplies
Total: $3,000

  • 2 Victory VP300 2.25 gal. Tank $57.50 each
  • 2 Victory VP200 1 Liter Tank $29.90 each
  • 1 gallon BIOESQUE Botanical Disinfectant Solution $23.74 (ongoing need)
  • 1 Victory Professional Cordless Backpack Sprayer $1,499.00
  • 1 Victory Professional Handheld Sprayer $659.00
  • 1 Set Victory Sprayer Spare Parts (Nozzle, Nozzle Wrench and Ion Battery $300 (ongoing need)
  • 1 Dozen Microfiber Cloths $11.76 (ongoing need)
  • 1 Dozen Bottles $20.28 (ongoing need)
  • 1 Dozen Triggers $13.80 (ongoing need)
  • 1 Dozen Hand Sanitizer 32 oz. $167.88 (ongoing need)

ADA Ramp Rails for Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Cost: $4,970.00

Classroom Mini Blinds
Total Cost: $6,520

  • Main Building (47) $5,170
  • Resource Building (12) $1,350.00

Outdoor Basketball Wall Padding
Cost $1,000.00


  • (5) Smart Boards to replace older boards that are obsolete $3,819.89 each
    Click HERE to view quote
  • (50) Apple iPad chargers  $16.95 each or $423.75 for 50
    Click HERE to purchase 
  • (10) Lenovo Laptop chargers $20.09 each or $209.90 for 10
    Click HERE to purchase
  • (50) iPads to replace old and damaged inventory $ 3,730.00 
  • (10) Back up battery packs $42.95 each
    Click HERE to purchase
  • IXL Educational program for progress learning and assessment
    Yearly renewal $2,625.00, Click HERE to view quote
  • Brain POP  Educational program for progress learning and assessment
    Yearly renewal $2,950.00, 
    Click HERE to view quote
  • 1 Smart Technologies Video System  $3,869.09
  • 1 Laptop $1,125.60


School Wide Textbook Needs
Total Cost: $16,758

  • 5 Second grade Journeys student textbooks $150 each
  • 1 Teacher Edition Journeys (Reading Program) for grades 1st-4th $252 each
  • 5-year subscription to TCI-Social Studies K-8th Text/Digital online program $15,000

New Classroom Furniture for the Intermediate Department
Total Cost: $15,500

  • Intermediate Department Student Desks $8000
  • Intermediate Department Student Chairs $3500
  • Intermediate Department Teacher Desks and Chairs $4000

To purchase all products click HERE

Total Cost:  $7,084.73


  • (2) MUFFIK Sensory Floor Tiles $167.98
    Click HERE to purchase
  • (20) Magnetic/Dry-Erase Board $6.01 each
    Click HERE to purchase 
  • (10) Beginner writing paper for proper placement of letters $10.67 each
    Click HERE to purchase
  • Analogy Rocker Chair (Set of 2) $289.00
    Click HERE to purchase
  • (1) Yacker Tracker Noise Detector $143.99
    Click HERE to purchase
  • (1) Learning Advantage Deluxe Yacker Tracker w/ Remote $169.51
    Click HERE to purchase
  • (1) Storage Stereo Headphone Classroom Pack with Case, Set of 30 $282.72
    Click HERE to purchase
  • (10) HandiRulers help individuals with motor challenges $19.03 each
    Click HERE to purchase
  • (1) Sensory Sequin Panel $86.99
    Click HERE to purchase
  • (2) Weighted Kordy Moose $52.13 each
    Click HERE to purchase
  • (2) Weighted Hedgehog $49.99 each
    Click HERE to purchase
  • (2) Weighted Blankets $109.00 each
    Click HERE to purchase
  • (1) Marvelous Marvel Panel $999.00
    Click HERE to purchase
  • (3) Overhead Light Mood Filters $36.10
    Click HERE to purchase
  • Calmin LED Bubble Wall $3,999.00
    Click HERE to purchase 




Our teachers are amazing. They work endlessly to ensure our students get through school and graduate. Thank you for supporting them. We are forever grateful. 

Elaine Shott

Principal, Morning Star School

A Prayer for our Teachers

Lord, bless the teachers who give their heart to teaching. Thank you for the special gift that You have given them and for giving them a spirit of grace and compassion. May they have strength and endurance to perform their many tasks, and may they know and feel the deep gratitude of the students, parents, and guardians they have touched through their gift.


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