Uniforms & Personal Appearance

Morning Star students are required to be in uniform attire every day unless a specific non-uniform day has been announced. To make it easier for our parents, Morning Star is partnered with RC Uniforms. Please CLICK HERE to view and order items for your child. You may also visit or call RC Uniform at 11153 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL (904) 646-0493 (Closed Sundays & Mondays).

Uniform Closet: Gently Used Uniform Recycling

During the year, as students outgrow their uniforms, many parents donate gently used uniforms to our Uniform Closet.  Parents are always welcome to drop by and pick up clothing as needed.

Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook and/or the following links for Morning Star’s official uniform policy:

Morning Star School Student Uniform Dress Code


Morning Star High School Student Uniform Dress Code


Note: Due to health and safety precautions, students will NOT change into PE clothes on PE days. Instead, all students will wear PE clothes to school on PE days. Primary, intermediate and JH students have PE three days a week and HS has PE two days a week.

Spirit Days

Every Wednesday (unless otherwise noted) is Spirit Day.  Students may wear an approved MSS Spirit t-shirt with their regular school uniform bottoms (school uniform skirt or pants).

Non Uniform/Dress Down Day Dress Code

Non-uniform, or Dress Down days, are given for various resasons during the school year.  Noon dismissals are free non uniform/dress down days.  Students have the opportunity to earn non uniform/dress down days with their DoJo points, these are purchased on Fridays and are to be used on the following Monday or first day of the school week.  At other times during the school year, the school may have fundraising ‘cost’ non uniform/dress down days.  At these times, students may choose to pay for a non uniform/dress down day.  Regardless of the reason for the non uniform/dress down day, all students must adhere to the non uniform/dress down day dress code.

  • Pants/jeans must be worn at the waist and fit appropriately (not too loose or too tight)
  • Pants/jeans may not have any rips or holes
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be to the length of the student’s fingertips when the student is standing with arms down to his/her side
  • Leggings may only be worn if shirt or dress is long enough to the meet the length requirement above (to the student’s fingertips)
  • T-shirts, shirts, tops, etc. must have sleeves and fit appropriately
  • No inappropriate wording or pictures or political statements are permitted
  • Shoes must be closed toe and go over the heel, Crocs are appropriate, but socks must be worn
  • Hats, bandanas, etc. may not be worn on the head

Project Chance Fundraising Days

On Project Chance Days, students who have purchased a Project Chance t-shirt may wear their shirt with dress down pants or shorts at no cost.  If a student has not purchased a Project Chance t-shirt, he/she may pay $1 to have a dress down day.  Project Chance Days are once a month, and money raised goes to help support having a therapy dog at the school as well as donations to Project Chance.  Non Uniform/Dress Down Days Dress Code applies for Project Chance Fundraising Days (see above)


If a student comes to school on a Non Uniform/Dress Down Day not dressed to meet the above dress code, the student’s parents or guardian will be called to bring the student his/her uniform to school for the student to change.


If a student comes to school on a pay dress down day without any money, the office will be informed and the parents will be asked to send in the money the following day.  Remember these days are to raise money for our students to provide the ‘extras’ to make school even more special.

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