Financial Aid

As part of our efforts to ensure that a Catholic education is affordable and available to everyone, Morning Star School participates in Florida’s Step Up for Students educational opportunities.

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship/The Family Empowerment Scholarships for Educational Opportunities:

Income-based financial aid for tuition and related expenses for students to attend private schools.  It is also available to dependent children of active military or law enforcement officers, children in foster care, siblings of UA students and children in out-of-home placement.

The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities

Aid for students with certain diagnoses delivered in the form of an education savings account (ESA) that families can use for educational services and products.

Tuition Hardship Assistance

Morning Star School recognizes that sometimes a family may experience an extenuating circumstance after the commitment to attend a Catholic School has been made. We seek to help by offering tuition hardship assistance to families finding it impossible to make their tuition payment. These hardships may include a death in the immediate family, unexpected loss of employment or serious or sudden illness with extraordinary medical expenses. Unfortunately these funds are limited. To be considered for hardship assistance, the parent/guardian must request an application from the office. Please contact the main office for more information at (904) 721-2144.

“I have two children at Morning Star School. I am so happy they are doing this. My son is in ninth grade and was so so nervous about putting him in a different school.” He said. “I love this school.” They are making A’s and B’s. I don’t think that would be happening if they were in public school.”

Proud Parent

“Never give up on your dreams. Stephanie is a Morning Star School graduate who had big dreams. She graduated from UNF, Summa Cum Laude. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t succeed, as a result of your learning differences. You can do anything!” 

Proud Parent of a Morning Star Student who went on to graduate from UNF

May 2019

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