Academic Planning for Military Families:

Resources and Educational Opportunities for Military Students:

Morning Star School’s Student-Led Transitional Program:

We are proud to have high school students of military families leading our transition team!

23-24 Military Lunch Bunch Dates: October 13, December 4, February 12, & May 6

Exceptional Student Education Services:

Upcoming Military Recognition Events:

November 10 – Veteran’s Day Celebration

April 12 – Military Child Celebration

Mental Health Challenges Facing Military Students:

Students are provided two meditation times during the school day to prayerfully center their day on God and to promote emotional and spiritual well being.  Teachers and staff receive professional development to address the various social, emotional and behavioral needs of students with disabilities.  Spiritual guidance services are provided as needed.  Teachers receive social skills training from a BCBA to be able to implement social skills lessons into the classroom.  MSS consults with a BCBA weekly for teacher training and student support.  MSS partners with local organizations to provide parents the mental health resources needed outside of school

Morning Star School’s Ohana Sensory Room provides a safe, quiet, calm place for students to promote self-regulation skills by providing children with strategies to manage their anxiety and stress.     

Student Services

Military Kids Connect


Article: Impact of Parental Military Service on the Health of Military Children: A Case Study

Installation Partners:

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