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Activities in and outside of the classroom play a critical role in the overall educational development of a child.  Through many programs and services offered at Morning Star School, we provide students with opportunities to enjoy learning. Our many programs, clubs, programs and activities enable students to work in groups, learn about the arts, be physically challenged and spiritually engaged. Our goal is to help students get the most out of their learning experiences while inspiring them to achieve wellness and success!

Religious Activities

In accordance with our mission to provide a Catholic educational program to the children attending Morning Star, it is required that all students participate in religion classes, liturgical celebrations, daily prayer experiences, and all other religious-oriented aspects of the school program. This includes, but is not limited to, making the sign of the cross, genuflecting, receiving ashes, singing religious songs, receiving a blessing from the priest, and attending and participating in all liturgies, Masses, and prayer services. Students may participate in sacramental Preparation programs based on Diocesan guidelines.

Student Council

Student Council allows Morning Star students the opportunity to develop leadership skills through organizing and implementing school activities and service projects. Members are the voice of the student body and pledge to uphold class citizenship standards.  Service projects may include food drives and recycle programs. The council also raises funds to host popular student activities including school dances.  Fundraising activities may include spirit-themed dress down days.

Student Council Members also lead and support the student body in participation of school extracurricular activities and act as a liaison between school administration and the student body.

Math Lab

Math lab is offered quarterly for students in Upper school (JH1-12th grade). This program focuses on Basic math skills, pre-algebra, and problem solving.

Bishop Snyder – High School Partnership

Bishop Snyder High School hosts the Morning Star High School students at Snyder’s school Masses and retreats, as well as sporting events, dances and Fine Arts showcases. Some Snyder students serve as mentors to the Morning Star students to help them feel welcome and accepted as a part of the larger high school community. The relationship between the students of both schools show a mutual support. It’s a friendship between two schools that will continue to grow.

High School Retreats

Morning Star High School Retreats are an important part of faith development. They are opportunities to get away from the “ordinary” periods of our life and spend some “extraordinary” time growing in our relationship with God. At Morning Star, retreats also offer our students the opportunity to meet with their Bishop Snyder mentors forming community and making new friendships.

All retreats focus on prayer, faith and spirituality. Ninth grade retreat activities also focus on forming community and building self-esteem. Tenth grade retreat activities focus on overcoming obstacles, having the courage to make good decisions, preparing for Reconciliation and The Passion of Christ. Eleventh grade retreat activities focus on communication, service, discipline, and physical and mental challenges with teamwork. Twelfth grade retreats focus on family, community, letting go of past mistakes, reconciliation, self-knowledge, being one with Christ in the present moment, hopes and practical ideas about the future. All retreats have time allotted for individual and group reflection.

Bully Prevention

Morning Star School is proud to be a safe-haven for students with learning differences. Through workshops and life skills classes students are taught to recognize and report Bully behavior. The program explains types of bullying, where and when it is most likely to take place, and one of the more important aspects of bullying: how to deal and understand one’s feelings. Our Bully Prevention Classes focus on learning personal safety skills that will prevent our students from becoming victims of bullying.


Morning Star is proud to partner with Christ the King Catholic School to give our students the opportunity to participate in the diocesan athletic programs. Our students are invited to try out and participate in all competitive athletic programs offered by Christ the King.

Musical Theater Production

Each year Morning Star students present a musical production.  This musical presentation is the culmination of months of hard work giving our students the opportunity to share their talents with family and friends. We encourage all students to participate either on-stage or behind the scenes.

“My child transferred here from public school. He used to hate school. Morning Star accepted his different learning style, and adapted to him, instead of expecting every child to learn the same. The teachers and staff really care and the school is like a family.”

Submitted by a Parent post, 2010

“My daughter was invited to her very first birthday party yesterday. It was so nice to be around the parents of the kids in her class. For the first time ever I felt 100% comfortable with the other children and parents we were surrounded by. I didn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed if she did something inappropriate, or she wasn’t communicating at the level of other children her age. I was in the presence of parents who not only understood but sympathized with our daily struggles. I was able to have an amazing connection with parents of other children with special needs. I will be forever thankful to Morning Star School for the opportunity, not only for my daughter, but for me, so thank you.”

C.L.C., Morning Star Parent

Facebook post, 2016

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